Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Self-respecting Actor

Get as much screen time as you can no matter what size the role. John Wayne played an extra for four years among bit parts and he was in the studio system. It would be a full ten years before he got the break that would eventually turn him into a legend.  Don't be impatient. You are on a're own path. You can't compare yourself to others. Take your time and study. Don't be so anxious to get ahead you sell your soul or your conscience. It's not worth it. You are a human being. You feel, you think, you have compassion. When you forget these things it affects who you are, and that affects your craft. Now is the time to decide what you will and will not do.  Draw a line in the sand and be determined not to cross it.  Don't defile your conscience.  If you do, at some point and time you will look back and regret it. It's the same as selling yourself.  Why is it we are so appalled when we hear of men buying and selling women, but we sell ourselves so short? I can't give you self respect.  That is something you have to have for yourself and exercise it. Don't let anyone push you into doing anything you are not comfortable with.  Many actresses and actors keep their self-respect. If your motivation is fame you will likely do anything to achieve it. If your motivation is to be the best actor you can be, you will recognize that it is a process that culminates over many years of hard work. Surround yourself with people who uplift you. That's one reason why it's important for you to have a support group, because sometimes the people around you are not so kind when it comes to your dreams.  They don't realize how important they are to you. Maybe it's because they don't have dreams of their own. So seek out people who value you...and recognize your own self worth. 

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