Thursday, December 26, 2013

Basic Audition Protocol

Many times we walk into an audition with a multitude of emotions. Sometimes we're nervous, sometimes we are not in our element...and other times we may be extremely excited. Whatever the case casting agents are looking for people who not only can act, but can handle themselves in a business situation. Because really that's what entertainment is, a business. So though the folks sitting behind the table may be in "very casual" attire it is important to put your best foot forward so to speak. Please shower, fix your hair, brush your teeth, and dress in clean nice clothes. I know it sounds elementary, but you would be surprised what some actors show up to audition in at times. Greet the casting agent...producer(s) with a warm smile, look them in the eye, and if someone extends their hand take it with a firm handshake. NEVER show how excited you are to get the part. What you may perceive a shear excitement may come off to the casting agent as obnoxious, so keep your emotions in check. Show this excitement to your friends and family, but not to the agent.

Another NEVER is...never call a casting agent to see if you got the part. The old cliche, don't call us, we'll call you is correct procedure. If you got the part you will be notified...if you didn't you "won't" be notified. Yes, that is part of the business. Most casting agents are extremely busy and will perceive your persistence of calling everyday to see if you got the part as unprofessional (Many will not call you back in to audition next time they need your type). This is called self-control...please exercise a bit so that agents will look forward doing business with you. I hope you will check back to this blog for other insightful information.

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