Saturday, February 22, 2014

Actors...Need Reel? Create Your Own.

I realize this is elementary for seasoned actors, but for those starting out it may just be the ticket. For those of you unaware, IMDB, has a website for scripts. They are great to use in acting class, in an online audition, or just to re-freshen your skills at home. Look up your favorite script or choose something new and challenging. Always remember the passion for what you do. YOU are unique in every way. Don't be a clone of your favorite actor, be genuinely you. 

I realize many actors starting out are trying to figure out how to get reel on themselves. Well, choose a script, set up a Vimeo account, borrow a friend's camera if you have to, and create a piece that shows your diversity as an actor. Stand in front of a blue background and slate for the camera just as it were a real audition. Upload it now have a reel. 

The first thing I want to see as someone who will be casting, is what you have online. Within the privacy of your own home you can work until you get it right. So take your time to get a variety of roles that will show your skills accurately. Now, this should never take the place of your professional reel, but it is something you can use to begin with when you have little to no video on yourself. 

Eventually you will phase this out as you acquire more professional reel. It will be a good start the next time someone ask if you have anything online they can see regarding your acting ability.

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